Why You Shouldn’t Hibernate

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Autumn is coming.  With the season and weather changing, our natural instinct is to get ready for the colder and darker evenings.  As with the birds migrating, the animals prepare for hibernation, our behaviour also changes.

Autumn doesn’t mean you need to reduce your walks and physical activity.  One thing we love about our walks is taking notice of the changing seasons and how beautiful the coast and country are in each season.

If you come prepared for the weather, dressing appropriately with correct footwear, being outdoors can be very enjoyable in Autumn.  Watching the falling leaves, taking note of the colours, foraging, let’s adapt with the changing months but maintain the efforts you have made over the summer months.

The reduced level of sunlight in autumn and winter may cause winter-onset SAD. For some people the decrease in sunlight may disrupt the body’s internal clock and lead to feelings of depression. Many people find they eat more in the colder months and gain unwanted weight. Seasons have an impact on our emotions and social life as we might not get out of the house as much as we do in the summer.

One of the outcomes of COVID is the increase in the number of  people now working from home permanently. There are lots of advantages including time management, reduced travel costs, less pollution etc. However, it will also mean that there will be individuals who will suffer from the lack of interaction with others.

Joining WALX Coast and Country gives you the support network you need to help you get outside and make the most of enjoying all of the seasons.

There is no need to hibernate… Let’s keep building on our efforts.  We look forward to you joining us over the Autumn programme.

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