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In our last blog we focused on the TRIPOD of health: eating well, quality sleep time and enough exercise to ensure we get the health benefits from the workouts we do!  This month we thought we would share with you something a bit different and look at some of the ways we can track our exercise and keep us motivated with some of the best fitness wearables.

In a recent extensive review of the top 10 wearable fitness trackers, we thought we would share with you what came out as the best device in the three price points.  Let’s start with the higher end product first:

1. Withings Multi-Sports Hybrid –  This sits towards the high end range in terms of price at £140.44 (Amazon) and it offers a very beautiful fusion of modern technology within a classic watch face; so this fitness tracker allows greater flexibility to feel good wearing it even in your Sunday Best!  It has all the usual features of step counting, calories burned, sleep tracking, goal tracking as well as some great extras such as it’s integrated phone notification and vibrating alarm features.  There are some little extras that you won’t find on the likes of Garmin or Fitbit to date, such as the Hybrid’s SMART WAKE UP feature for starting the day feeling refreshed from your sleep.  This feature allows you to predetermine a time in which you would like to wake up, say between 6-7 am, then the device will track and monitor your sleep to wake you up at the optimum moment in your sleep cycle. Withings have developed an impressive app called ‘Health Mate’ which stores and displays your tracking data in a simple and easy to read format.  Additional devices can be added from their own range should you wish to deep-dive specifically into your sleep for example, by adding features such as ‘In-bed sleep monitor’.

2. The Garmin Vivosmart 4 – Midpoint price range at £99.99 (John Lewis Partnership) this is a brilliant, feature packed fitness tracker from one of the giants in this technology market. This is smart, comfortable to wear 24/7, easy to set up and has a long battery life in between charges (lasts over a week!). It has a huge capacity for tracking everything from step count, heart rate, calorie count, sleep tracking and activity goal setting. Unlike many wearables, it has an automated exercise mode so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to set the start up and a stress display which calculates how stressed you are and will even recommend meditation exercises to lower your blood pressure. The ‘CONNECT’ app (which you will download on to your smartphone or iPad) will store all your data and allow you to engage with the community. For those uninitiated, this means you can allow your data to be shared with your friends perhaps as a healthy bit of competition, join group workouts, create and share routes for walking, running and cycling and much, much more! Oh and did we mention that this one is waterproof so that you can also record your swimming!

3. Honor Band 5 – honestly at £29.99 (Argos) what is not to like!  This low priced wearable fitness tracker is incredible for the money.  It is smart to look at, has a good sized screen and a user-friendly large button as the interface.  It’s loaded with all the usual features the more pricey models possess and even has a few very useful extras of its own, such as 24/7 heart rate monitor, support to track up to 10 exercises, a very credible sleep monitor (Honor  boasts that its sleep tracking function is so highly performing that it can accurately identify the 6 most common sleeping problems including Sleep Apnea), and can even recognise which swimming stroke you are doing! There are a couple of small niggles (nothing is perfect!) and those would be that it requires a little patience in the set up as it is not quite as simple as it could be and the app (Huawei Health) also requires you to download Huawei Mobile Services, which asks for a lot of data ahead of getting it set up to access all the worthwhile functions this wearable can offer.  That said, for this amount of wicked technology at such a small price, the pros very much outweigh the cons and recent reviews across the devices on the market today rate this wearable as one of the best.

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