Walking with Poles – A Revelation

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I thought it’d be useful to write a few words on Nordic walking.  I’d like to share a recent customer story, for those of you who are considering trying Nordic walking.

“Walking is always been my primary form of exercise, and I would choose to walk somewhere rather than drive if I could, knowing this’d give me health benefits. I’ve never been one for the Gym, and I was found running a bit too stressful on my body and not very enjoyable. I’m so glad I discovered Nordic walking.  It’s turned an everyday habit into an effective workout, with hardly any change to my routine”.

The body of research on this fantastic exercise is unbelievable. There are countless research papers and studies proving Nordic walking is one of the best, if not the best exercise there is.  Just google Nordic Walking and see!

Nordic walking using the majority (around 90%) of the body’s muscles, it burns a lot more calories, it takes pressure off your joints due to the arms and upper body bearing some of your weight, it has a very low “Rate of Perceived Exertion” – which essentially means you work a lot harder without even realising, and new research even shows Nordic Walking keeps you in the ‘fat burning’ zone more than running can.  The list goes on.

Our 90 minute ‘Power of Poles’ course is an introduction to Pole / Nordic walking, and quickly demonstrates all these benefits and more, and gets you going with pole walking.  Come along and have a go in our friendly and fun session.  Poles provided, just bring yourself and some comfy shoes!


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