How safe are you feeling?

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How safe are you feeling?


We wanted to take some time to address and acknowledge how many of us may be feeling right now as we start to come out of the final lockdown restrictions this month.

If you are suffering from social anxiety – that’s ok – it’s part of being human. The anticipated changes and readjustment of these changes, can pose real challenges for our mental wellness.

Many of us are still to resume many of our normal daily activities and it is still suggested that it will take some period of time yet, to gently kick-start the lives we used to lead.  So in this article, we are offering some top tips on how to ease your way back in:

  • Be kind to yourself – don’t put yourself under too much pressure, take things at a pace that you feel comfortable with
  • Practice self-care – start with some breathing exercises daily, set small goals of places you would feel comfortable in visiting and with people who you trust to feel safe within their company; and keep a diary so you can reflect and gain a positive perspective to help move you forwards
  • Keep talking – we are all still concerned about Coronavirus and we all share the same worries. Reach out to family and friends for support.
  • Stay in the present with some small mindfulness exercises – this can really help reduce the worry level by not letting yourself get too far ahead thinking about the future. Remember we can only do our best with what we have today!

Exercising is one of the most effective anti-anxiety treatments we can do and exercising outdoors allows us to organically combine mindfulness and exercise in one.  It is also for many, a much more comfortable, safer environment to exercise outdoors in than indoors in a gym.

So going forwards, as more of you start to re-join our Walx classes and our wonderful carboot cafés once again, I want to reassure you of our customer safety promise to you:

  • We have more walks listed to keep numbers smaller, so you can feel more comfortable socialising and exercising outdoors.
  • We can support you in joining in at your own pace, for example, if you don’t want to stay for the social ‘café’ at the end of the walk just yet – that’s no problem, we will have exit points whereby you can safely leave
  • For those of you who use our equipment – we will ensure that is sanitised and feels safe for you to use
  • PPE – all our walk leaders will carry PPE should any first aid need to be administered

We are always listening to you and are happy to discuss what other measures we could put in place to make you feel confident in rediscovering the joy of walking in our beautiful county!

Look forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing you all soon. Let’s get walking!


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