Feeling the heat

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Given the new “Extreme Heat” weather warnings issued by the Met Office, staying safe in extremes of temperature is very important. We will always assess client safety dependent on the venue and activities we have scheduled and if necessary, contact people who have booked to advise them of a change of time or route, or cancellation if this is the safest thing for all concerned.

If we go ahead with an activity which you have booked, but for personal reasons you feel unable to join, please let us know so that we are not waiting for you. We fully understand that different people cope very differently in such extreme conditions. Should you decide to join us, please make sure you are prepared and dressed appropriately for the conditions. Bring a hat, and something to protect your skin from the sun – a lightweight, long-sleeved shirt and some suncream. But, don’t be deceived and don’t get caught out – a cheap poncho kept in your backpack can be a life saver if you happen to get caught in a sudden thunder shower, as we discovered recently:


Always make sure you keep yourself hydrated. If walking, bring plenty of fluids for before, during and after our activities. For tips on staying hydrated, please see our recent blog post.

Finally, you may be lucky enough to be able to take a stroll in the evening, when it has started to cool off. Perhaps you could rehydrate at your favourite hostelry and return home at twilight, or under the stars? Don’t forget to take a torch and reflective clothing to keep you safe and stick to road or pavements as the light fades – we don’t want any injuries to prevent you from joining your next WALX!

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