Stepping into September.

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As the new Autumn Season approaches, it is so often a time when we really need to review and step up the tempo on our fitness activities.  Many of us will have been less active over the summer, enjoying our well-deserved holidays and additional family commitments;  Autumn is the perfect season to re-focus on your health, enjoy the beautiful seasonal changes and get back to fitness for the winter months to come.

One perfect solution to building and maintaining strength and fitness is through our Total Body Walx class.  We all know the saying – Use it or Lose it! Did you know age related muscle loss or ‘Sarcopenia’, as it is medically termed, is all part of our natural aging process? Sarcopenia starts to affect us after the age of 30yrs old and results in us losing 3% to 5% of our muscle mass per decade.  It affects both men and women, with most men losing about 30% of their muscle mass during their lifetime (Source Health.Harvard.Edu).  This loss means our bodies become weaker and less mobile, both of which may lead to an increased risk of falls and fractures.

So here’s the good news! Muscle mass can be rebuilt and maintained, protecting our bodies from future loss, through the combination of aerobic exercise such as walking and additional strength training exercises.  A recent study by the University of Birmingham and King’s College London, examining the muscles of 125 male and female amateur cyclists, showed that a lifetime of regular exercise reduces muscle ageing.  More surprisingly, it showed that it also reduced the ageing process of their immune systems.

Our Total Body WALX classes combine active outdoor walking with innovative equipment, such as our bungypumps and Smoveys and resistance bands to turn your walk into a ‘walkout’.  This means you can really focus on improving and maintaining your muscle mass, balance, agility and flexibility, for all round strength and fitness. Want to get started…? Our amazing team of qualified instructors will help you set progressive goals and ensure that you perform the relevant exercises safely and correctly.

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