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As I get older, I am becoming more aware of my environment and local community.  I notice how as a nation we do not look after what we have and appreciate what a beautiful world we live in.

I am lucky enough to run WALX Coast and Country. I spend a lot of time on the South Downs or on the beach. It is shameful how much mess individuals leave behind without a care. I worry about the messages we are sending our children. Will they grow up thinking it is ok to simply drop what they do not need?

I am also more aware of how many people worry about their health but do not want to join a local gym at this moment in time. Many of my members tell me how they want to be outside and do not want to do a formal exercise programme. They love the benefit of getting fit and enjoying their local environment.  Members also say how important it is to them to have social interaction and to feel save in their local community.

Here are a few ideas of how we can keep fit and healthy as well as support our local and national communities.

Litter picking on a walk or a run

 The culture of throwaway consumerism is costing the country £850 million a year, environmental groups have reported. With so many of us having to holiday in this country there is going to be an increase in litter.

The Keep Britiain Tidy survey of local authorities in England reported the cost of employing litter pickers and buying equipment to clear chewing gum rose by £100 million in the last year.

There is a craze called ‘Plogging’ which is enjoyed by people who are conscious of the importance of keeping healthy and looking after their environment. Ploggers and joggers who include litter picking whilst running. I am also aware of walkers  taking time to pick up rubbish in their local parks.

Ploggers can be seen with gloves and bin bags. As they run they fill their refuse sacks with plastic bottles, cigarette butts etc. They are clearing their streets and parks.


 Gardening for an elderly person

This summer we are enjoying long days of sunshine as well as days of torrential rain. Our gardens are suffering as a result. Take a look at your neighbour’s garden and offer to cut the grass or clear the leaves. Share the chores, it is more fun when you have company. Age UK have various initiatives.

Age UK

Clear public footpaths

Our councils find it difficult to keep public footpaths clear. In some cases you just need to report a blocked path and they will clear it as quickly as they can. However, if you ask for permission it is possible to organise a working group to clear the paths for easy access. Community projects bring people together.

Charity Miles

For every mile you move, you help earn money for a selected charity from a corporate sponsorship pool. Every time you walk, run or cycle your charity receives funds.

Charity Miles

Do a sponsored Event for a Local Charity

 WALX Coast and Country supports St Barnabas Hospice by taking part in the Night to Remember walk. Many of us have experienced the wonderful work they do for our local community; this year it is the 11thSeptember. Feel free to join us!

Night to Remember

Feel free to donate if you don’t want to walk.

WALX Coast and Country Just Giving Page

Dog walking

Walking a dog can be a great way to keep fit.   If you do not own a dog, why not help someone who finds it difficult to keep their dog exercised? Borrow my Doggy is a service which matches up a dog with a walker.

Borrow My Doggy

Cycle instead of using the car

We are constantly being told how we need o lower the emissions in the air. Planning a commute around using a bike can really make a difference to our local communities. Cycle to work schemes can help you in financing a good bike.  Cycle maintenance lessons are easily accessible on how to maintain your bike and British Cycling have lots of information on how to keep save.

Cycle to Work Scheme

Cycle Confident Maintenance

British Cycling

Outdoor Gyms

 The Great Outdoor Gym Company has designed exercise machines, which generate electricity. Why not charge your phone whilst using your own manpower?

Look for your local outdoor gym.


Join WALX Coast and Country

 To make the most of your community you need to be fit enough to get out and enjoy it. We have approximately 20 sessions per week to support your health, fitness, and social goals.

Look at the amazing programmes available.

WALX Coast and counry







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