Getting to grips with the snow!

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As we have had another significant snow fall recently in rural Leicestershire, I thought I would do a quick review of Yaktrax Walkers, which fit over your boot or shoe to give more grip in the snow and ice. Rather than write a long spiel, I thought it might be helpful to do a quick video of them in action. Think of them as snow chains for your boots!

These are available to buy at a number of retailers including Go Outdoors ( Don’t forget, if you have a current NWUK Freedom Passport you qualify a discount online and in store. Just log in to for details of how to claim your discount.

A few additional details not covered in the video… I would suggest rinsing them off and drying them after use, as I suspect any road salt may cause the rubber to perish over time (although I haven’t seen reports to this effect), and very importantly, do not wear them on indoor surfaces especially tile or wood floors. They immediately change from grips to skates(!) and can cause some serious damage to floor coverings. Finally, I would never rely too heavily on something to protect you from slipping on ice. Always be cautious and take great care if it could be icy under foot.

Let me know if you found this useful, whether you have tried these, or if have alternative suggestions for safer walking in the snow and ice.

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