AGE UK Walk Your Age fundraiser a Success for Walk Preston

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When one of our  WALX franchise colleagues suggested  Walx Preston also participate in the national AGE UK Run/Walk your age fundraising event I thought of all the lonely people out there wishing they had someone to talk to.
I thought “Yes, we should do that.”
I wasn’t sure how many of our members would bite, but some of them do live alone, most really enjoy the benefits they get out of being able to walk and talk with such a diverse group of people that make up our membership, and of course it was January when many want to tighten their belts a little.
Notwithstanding of course nearly a year of lockdown that has really impacted on our ability to see our families and friends in person.
So, I put it out there and a number of our members said they’d be interested in participating. More joined later, but I was most taken by Norah stepping forward. Norah is 86 and only joined us a month or so before lockdown first kicked in. She is active mind you but a challenge event that becomes increasingly demanding the older you get made me think.
Well, I thought “Go Norah!”. I love championing positive attitudes and aspirations, and began to take an interest in Norah’s journey.
Norah doesn’t even live local to Preston so she’d always travelled some distance by train or car to attend our group walks. Kudos for that.
Now in lockdown Norah was going to have to do this alone rather than on our 121s. Until our Walx Guide Chris, who also doesn’t live local to Preston stepped in saying she’d Buddy up with Norah. Chris is 59, and one of our champion chatterers so I knew Norah would be in good hands. Chris also offered to keep track of Norah’s mileage and walk with her whenever she could.
In the meantime another Walx Guide, Di Duckworth, set herself the task of walking her age of 63 miles, but in stages. 21 miles a week, symbolically because Di is an avid walker of the Guild Wheel which is 21 miles in length. Di planned on 3x 7 mile walks in week 1, 2x 10.5 mile walks in week 2 and then the full Wheel in week 3. Done and dusted !

Several others in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s completed their age over the course of the month and

congratulations to all. Great achievements and dedication to being regularly active.
We also raised £416 for Age UK via our  Just Giving page. Thank you everyone for your kind donations. Please feel free to donate if this blog post has inspired you.
So, what happened to Norah?
Fanfare ! Norah smashed it. She walked well over 90 miles throughout the month of January. In actual fact her age of 86 miles completed in 15 walks over 21 days.
Now that is impressive and at just over half her age I truly hope I retain that level of fitness, resilience and dedication over the next 40 years.
Well done Norah. Thank you !
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