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What’s the weirdest thing you have in the back of your car? I think mine is probably a cat litter tray! You might ask why? Read on to find out!

As the weather becomes a bit more unpredictable, my mind turns towards the creature comforts which make our daily walks and activities more practical. As well as the usual car maintenance essentials (a warning triangle, jump leads, electric tyre pump, bottle of antifreeze and screenwash – my boot sounds cavernous already), I start to think of the practical items to have handy for the days when the weather gods throw their best at us!

Currently, I carry:

  1. a couple of hi-viz jackets and arm bands, in case of foggy or misty conditions. They are also used with the
  2. head torches (times two, in case I – or anyone else – forgets to charge the batteries) for our evening walks.
  3. A spare pair of trainers – for when (not if) my boots get excessively muddy or wet, which brings me on to
  4. THE CAT LITTER TRAY – without litter, I hasten to add, although it might be beneficial. I put my mucky boots in there to keep the car a bit cleaner. You could put them into a plastic carrier bag or specially designed boot bag, but I have been known to forget to get them out which can result in mouldy fusty boots if you are unlucky. The litter tray from the local supermarket or hardware store only costs a pound or two. It not only contains the mud, but it allows the air to circulate and boots to dry naturally making them easier to clean when you get home.
  5. My grandmother’s Barbie shopping bag! She used to use it to carry her personal items to the lounge in her care home, and when she passed away my daughter inherited it. With such sentimental value it needed a good use when Barbie was no longer cool – what better than to contain the muddy paws and spikes of multiple sets of Nordic poles after a Power of Poles session or group walk?!?

  1. I always keep at least one spare pair of dry socks, to hand, and when the weather gets colder I will add…
  2. a blanket to keep my legs warm on the drive home. No matter how hot I have the heated seat, sometimes I just can’t get my thighs to warm up! The smell of gently roasting leggings is not appealing, and I sometimes wonder about the flammability of the lycra!
  3. A folding camp chair, for those car boot café opportunities,
  4. A golf umbrella – I doubt you could Nordic walk with it, but you can buy a handsfree umbrella attachment if you are so inclined! Has anyone tried one?
  5. Suntan lotion and tick spray (I’m ever optimistic that we will have good weather!)

There will be other items that get added as it gets colder, but have I missed anything you believe is essential? Why not let us know so we can add it to the list!

I have been thinking of investing in a Boot Buddy – has anyone tried one? Would you recommend it or is it just a gimmick? Answers on a postcard please!!!

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