Ruth Completes the National Forest Way Virtual Challenge

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Following our first virtual coffee morning on 20th February Ruth, one of our regular walkers decided it was time to look for an activity to do whilst she was unable to come out walking with WALX on The Chase.

Ruth said, “It would never have happened if we didn’t have the coffee morning and I felt so guilty as I was just vegetating!”

Ruth looked for some inspiration on the internet and found The National Forest Way Virtual Challenge which started in Leicestershire, a place where she grew up, the walk passed by a field where her parents had had a chalet before going on to one of her favourite places, Bradgate Park and Old John. With her interest sparked and the fact that it was free, she decided to take up the challenge.

You were able to complete the distance locally to where you live and there were no demands on how much you did each time, you just had to complete it by 31st March.

Ruth walked every day on her own. Overall the walk was divided into 11 stages and every time she completed a stage she got an email telling her where she had walked.

Today I received the email from Ruth to tell me she had managed to complete the whole walk, 75 miles.

Congratulations Ruth!!!! Just in time to rejoin us on the 29th March!!!

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