WALX-ing through lockdowns

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Well what another few months!

Since the birth of WALX Salisbury back in September let’s just say it’s been a bit of a roller-coaster ride! Lockdown has halted our group walks but we’ve still been meeting  ‘virtually’ for alternative fitness workouts and chats, it is what makes us, the WALX community, so different. Walking on a 1:1 basis is such a lifeline to those who have nobody else to enjoy a walk with or simply fancy a chat, or for those who wish to keep up with their pole walking skills, or need some gentle motivation. The team at HQ have been offering all manner of classes and workshops too & if you’ve attended any of the sessions you will have seen & perhaps met members from different groups all across the country.

Here in Salisbury we were thrilled to have been featured in New Valley News – you may have received a copy through your letter box?

To celebrate the Winter Solstice we were so fortunate to be able to walk as a group with the assistance of Steph from Outdoor Amore to witness sunrise over Stonehenge, a truly magical experience and one we will never forget but will certainly repeat in June on Summer Solstice.


I’ve had fun exploring walks locally too and have a number of lovely ones to bring you when we are able to walk in groups again. From woodlands and steep flights of steps to castle ruins and field pathways, stunning views across the verdant Wiltshire countryside and calm, level, lakeside & river strolls.

Keep following us on Facebook & post a pic when you can – we always love to see where you are walking.


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