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Recently I have become aware of so many inspirational things, walking challenges & sporting achievements, have met some absolutely inspirational people in business & been amazed at just what can be achieved in THIS moment in history that we find ourselves battling in.

So let me ask you this….

What is YOUR inspiration? What truly ignites that something inside you to make a change, get up off the sofa, explore more, to do something a little outside your ‘normal’?

Perhaps I could share with you what inspires ME first?

Hills & mountains


They are remote, hard to reach places, and completely change your view of the world. I find deep peacefulness when spending time there, a unique feeling of calm & tranquility. Taking time to sit, reflect & appreciate all that is before me, the stillness, the quiet.

Then there is the fitness element. There is nothing like hiking up a mountain, the variety of terrain, the changing weather. I am no expert mountaineer but I still gain from the exercise benefits to my heart, lungs and strength.

When you’re up on top looking down below and across at the horizon you gain perspective – you can’t get this view on flat land or even barely on hills.

But not only do you gain perspective of the world, you gain perspective on life. Mountains are humbling, in a good way. The higher you climb, the more you appreciate it. The world is amazing from atop a mountain & the feeling holds deep within your soul.

On a mountain, the falling rain increases the run of the river and has magnifying effects in the valleys.

The same is true of our own ability to cause change, little by little, drop by drop, step by step.

I love mountains for the reminder that I am both very small and very powerful.

Now let me ask you again – what is YOUR inspiration?


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