Not built for running?

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Some of us are just not built for running, and that’s a fact.  There are 3 main body types, and you can’t change your type – your born with it and you’ve just got to love it!  But it does leave some of us who want to be fit, outdoors, and move around burning calories – at a bit of a loss.  Well, we have the answer! Nordic walking gives you all the benefits but without the trauma.

Latest research shows Nordic Walking can actually burn more body fat than running due to it keeping you in the fat burning zone for longer.  It also exercises many more muscles than running (up to 90% of them!) and is much more sociable because you can even talk to your friends while doing it – but while you receive all the benefits of a full workout.  And with one of the lowest ‘Rates of Perceived Exertion’ it won’t feel like your having to work too hard to get great exercise.

Come along and try it out for free, we hold regular drop-in sessions in York, where you can come and chat through, and try some poles out to see for yourself how simply adding the right equipment, can make a huge difference to your fitness and outdoor exercise activities.

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