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Now summer is here and things are opening up again it’s time to get ‘hill fit’ and train for some nice long distance walks.   Training for hills and long distances is about the whole body and not just the legs this is where Nordic walking poles can help improve your fitness while walking and get you ready for those more challenging hikes.

A daily walking regime is helpful building up slowly and steadily so start by trying to walk every day whatever the weather, try and alternate your pace and have days when you cover longer distances to build your stamina and fatigue resistance it’s also useful to throw a hill in as well! You can also throw in some exercises to strengthen your legs, such as squats, lunges, walking up and down the stairs and the all important heel raises.  Lots of these exercises can be down at home, and done during down time (e.g. do a dozen heel raises while stirring your dinner, or brushing your teeth).

If it’s a long distance walk you’ve got planned, then try loading your rucksack with items for some of your walks to get used to the additional weight.

This is top of mind for me at the moment, I’m 24 fells into my challenge to do all 214 in the lake district – and I’m back to take on another dozen or so in 4 weeks time! So come along to a walk and let’s help each other build some summer fitness, so we can all enjoy the great outdoors as much as possible while restrictions are low.

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