Are you ready for Winter?

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snowy nordic walking class!

Despite some Autumn sunshine,the first frosts appeard this weekend in many areas and the nights are closing in. At the end of the month we will lose an hour of light in the evenings so NOW is the time to get prepared.See the light!

Jogger headtorch

Although teaching nordic walking in the dark is not advised, there is NO need to cancel your sessions – simply choose well lit areas like sports fields OR go headtorch walking! Many groups across the UK actually look forward to the darker evenings so they can don the headtorches and enjoy a safe workout walk in the company of others.

There are lots of headtorches to choose from including the Silva Siju Cube and the NEW Jogger and Otus and many Instructors prefer to carry a few extra for clients but recommend they choose one thats right for them longer term.

Non slip over shoes

Don’t slip up!

Winter risk assessment should always include the risk of icy paths and it’s worth remembering that as the night draws in puddles can freeze over. Again, this should not be a reason to cancel – patchy puddles can be pointed out by front markers whilst slippy paths can often be avoided by simply walking on the grass. A set of ice cleats can cost your clients as little as £9.99 and will minimise the risks.  Many Instructors last year found they could keep classes going even when it snowed.

Avoid chilly digits!

Keeping warm is the key to comfy winter walking – we recommend layers of clothing and of course, gloves that will not restrict proper use of the pole straps. Our favourites are the Gabel Expert Gloves.




Be seen!

Hi Viz backpack cover

What better way to promote nordic walking and be safe? Our reflective over vests can be handed out to your group and are sized to fit over outdoor clothing. More discerning clients might prefer to buy their own so be the expert and help them make the right selection.

Check out the Winter warmers section of our webstore and remember we can help you to advise your clients too. Why not download our simple handout that will inform YOUR clients about all the kit they need to stay safe and warm this winter?

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