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In our efforts to make NWUK Instructors the best in the world, we have once again, introduced some fabulous new courses to enable you to upskill.


Many of you have the minimum required first aid qualification which is fine, but do you feel capable of managing some of the most common outdoor occurances until professional help arrives? Our NEW First aid courses really do cover the sort of incidents likely to occur in the environment YOU walk in and empower YOU to stay in control –  Read more about how to improve your skills at discounted rates next time your first aid is up for renewal.


New for those of you who are serious about working with the de conditioned – this amazing course has been developed to help provide the skills you need to work with those who need it most Read more


This workshop is the fisrt step (pardon the pun) to becoming a WALK to RUN Instructor. The innovative workshop will help a nordic walking Instructor take their clients from unfit walker to a safe runner. Devised by Charles Allen an elite runner and top wellbeing expert, this concept will soon be a full NWUK programme. Read more


Coming soon – NNAS Bronze navigation award – we think sat navs are great but when the chips are down, theres nothing like being able to navigate your way out of trouble. No batteries, no signal, just the basic skills to read a map and know exactly where you are and how to get elsewhere. We think this simple skill will enhance any Instructors ability to plan walks and lead safely. More details coming soon.

To book any of the above courses call Kaye or Lisa on 0845 260 9339 or e mail

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