Competence card saves the day!

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Staff at NWUK HQ were surprised to discover a message from the Scottish Police on the ansaphone over the New Year break, especially as it was all due to a NWUK Competence card!.

It transpired that a purse with a fair bit of money in it had luckily been handed to the Police by a member of the public and whilst they could ascertain the owner was from London, they could not find a number or address. That was until they called NWUK to ask if we had any idea who the card holder was. All we needed to know was the name of the Instructor and within 10 minutes a text was sent to the owner …..and they all lived happily ever after!

This is the second time a competence card has reunited an owner with their personal items so just imagine what the new NWUK FREEDOM card might achieve, especially as it will automatically contain the Safety 24 number.


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