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At this time of year, we need all the help we can get to stay fit and well, what with dreary weather, lack of daylight and the increasing risk of the nasty winter vomiting virus. A daily dose of Nordic Walking will brush away the cobwebs and provide extra energy to see you through the day but remember to eat well too – especially if you exercising quite a lot.

We recommend a good diet of fresh seasonal produce, home cooking rather than ready meals, plenty of water and moderation when it comes to caffeine and alcohol. All pretty simple rules really and guaranteed to help your body stay in top condition.

Sometimes though, we all need an extra boost and this month we have been trialling SPIRULINA a green super food that is rich in nutrition and contains over 96 minerals and trace elements. It is ideal for people who are active as it helps with energy levels and repair of recovery after exercise. Benefits of taking it include:-

  • Faster Recovery resulting in training more efficiently.
  •  Cleansing: faster removal of waste products+ alkalizing: less accumulation of lactic acid and carbon dioxide. 
  • Prevents lowering of resistance due to excessive training or competition.
  • Replenishes minerals lost due to perspiration.
  • Replenishes iron (faster turnover when training and competing) and delivers vit B12 for red blood cell formation
  • Complete, high quality protein with all essential amino acids offers building blocks for muscles

We have noticed faster recovery after tough walks in all the heavy mud and increased energy levels despite the dismal weather, so thats a bonus for the new year!

We’re offering YOU the chance to WIN the chance to try Spirulina for yourself – simply answer this question and send your answer back to us in a reply to this post.

Which vitamin is gained from exposure to sunlight?

We have two bottles of 180 tablets to give away and the firts two correct answers will be taken. Results will be posted on this blog.


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