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Olympic year is finally here and the whole Nation is gearing up for a sporting spectacle that will be remembered for years to come.

Lots of organisations and companies are pledging to help encourage people to be more active as part of the Olympic legacy and NWUK are involved in a number of these schemes.  We thought it would be great for our Instructors to join in and were delighted when we heard that Sue Hayes an Instructor from ESSEX has got right into the spirit. Sue has pledged to offer 2012 tasters out this year….we had better get back to work with our press releases so we can help you achieve this Sue! – Good Luck!

This spurred us on to create a 2012 themed Nordic walking challenge that we can all join in – read on to find out more

Endomondo is a FREE app, avaliable on iphone, Blackberry and Android phones. Endomondo.com is the place where you automatically track all your sports data and monitor your performance over time. At Endomondo.com you meet like-minded friends, get inspired by them, challenge them and follow their activities… live! Nordic Walking UK challenges you to join our regular challenges, as an individual or through your NWUK Instructor group.

Joining Instructions – NWUK Instructors

1. Sign up at Endomondo.com, and if you want to use your mobile, click on the Download link and you will receive a text message with a link to the free program.

NWUK INSTRUCTORS – If you are joining as your Nordic Walking group, make sure you create your profile as your group name  (i.e Olney Nordic Walkers).

2. Set you workout activity to FITNESS WALKING on your phone, before your first workout (very, very important)

3. Click on ‘Friends’ and type into the search bar Nordic Walking UK.  You will see an additional tab appear with ‘Teams’ and the Nordic Walking UK Team will appear (with our logo).  Join our Team and you will automatically be a part of our team challenges.

Join in our Challenges and Events

We are constantly adding Challenges and Events for instructors and the public to join in.  You will invited to join through Endomondo.com or check our Facebook page for the latest information on how to join.  Our current challenges are:

2012 Active Minutes (Nordic Walking) – Can you and your group Nordic Walk for 2012 minutes before the Olympics in July. JOIN HERE

Winter Calories burn – 2012 by the Spring (Nordic Walking).  Can you burn 2012 calories Nordic Walking before 1st March 2012.  JOIN HERE

NWUK Instructors 2012 miles by the Olympics (Nordic Walking).  As part of the Nordic Walking UK Team, we want to walk 2012 miles before the start of the Olympics in July.  Please help us achieve this with your groups. JOIN HERE

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