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It’s great to hear from so many Instructors who are reporting a busy start to the year and we appreciate that you are all busy with tasters and tuition at the moment. However, now is also the time to think about how you are going to keep all these new converts to Nordic Walking throughout the year so, we thought we would put together a few examples and ideas of ways to keep the fun and interest going with events and challenges.

We recommend that BEFORE you offer a Taster or any tuition you have a good think about what you can offer to those you have taught. Make sure you understand your target market, when they prefer to be active and the intensity of the sessions they will be requiring once they have mastered technique. Some Instructors can cater for a wide range of abilities and goals whilst others stay really specific by offering classes aimed at a particular group. Whatever you decide, you MUST build in progression and variety and provide constant interaction, fun and support.

One brilliant way to encourage people to attend regularly is to encourage people to focus on a charity event or challenge that will provide a goal for them and the chance of a fun day out too!

Here are some ideas sent in by NWUK Instructors:

Lots of you have told us that you are either entering or organising events for SPORT RELIEF this year and we think this is a perfect way to encourage beginners and more advanced Nordic Walkers to focus on increasing their miles for a good cause!

Whether you do 1, 3 or 6 miles – with your group or simply against the clock – you’ll have a fantastic time when you go the distance. And at just £6 for adults, £3 for children and £15 for a family of four, it’s a great day out for just a few quid and will help promote Nordic Walking to the wider community. Find your nearest Mile now.

If there is not an event near you why not see if you could organise your own NORDIC sport relief mile – a great way to generate interest locally:-

Organise a mile NOW

Tanya Adolpho and Melissa Laing are both signed up to join the GHURKAS in a brilliant 100km team challenge across the South Downs in July. They will be joining  500 inspirational teams of four who will aim to complete this epic trek and Nordic Walking UK have entered a couple of teams too. More info can be found here

Julia Tilbury from Surrey is inviting her regulars to join her and her Husband in a challenge event that will be both mentally and physically challenging. They have registered for the 63 miles/100 km from London to Brighton, organised by Action Challenge. The organisers welcome Nordic Walkers and Julia would be more than delighted if any other Instructors wanted to go along and make a real Nordic Walking event of it. For more information visit or let us know via Facebook or on the contacts below.

We will keep you posted as to how they get on – Well done Julia!

For any more info about any of these challenges or if you have one you would like to share with us – contact the HQ team on 0845 260 9339 or e mail

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