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Instructors who are using the little pole & equipment information leaflets that we launched at the Conference are reporting that they make a huge difference to their ability to help clients choose the correct poles for them.

The team at HQ have also noticed that Customers are much better informed and happier to select poles based on a range of factors including carbon content, adjustability and of course….colour!

If you would like a batch of these to hand out during your classes simply log on to the INSTRUCTOR STORE where you can get them FREE of charge by simply paying the postage! Remember that the Instructor store can ONLY be accessed if you log in here  but its well worth it because poles, kit and even marketing materials can be found at up to 30% discount.

If you cant remember your password call the office or e mail We LOVE paying commissions to successful Instructors so speak to the team about Affiliate store options or the support packages that pay up to 20% for poles purchased by your clients.  Call 0333 1234 540 Today!



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