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We are delighted that our CYQ qualification is helping Instructors from all backgrounds not only to deliver safe, effective sessions but to also go on to gain their exercise referral qualifications too.

Now we want to ensure that ALL of our Instructors have the benefit of this level of training and are inviting the few of you who have not yet UPGRADED to the current standard to get in touch to find out about how you too can gain the CYQ Vocational Qualification and be fully qualified to deliver fitness based walking classes.


If you completed your training prior to 2009 and do NOT have a level 2 fitness qualification or equivalent (proven knowledge of anatomy, physiology and the principles of fitness) PLEASE get in touch NOW! Call Kaye on 01234 711099 to find out how you can upgrade or e mail with the date you took your Nordic Walking Instructor training and list other qualifications you may have.

We want to ensure that EVERYBODY listed on our website has the apporopriate skills to meet the needs of the UK public and do require those of you with the old certificates to get in touch now for re certification. This is a fairly simple process and it is in your own interest that you call us to talk through any concerns asap.

Please note:- If we do not hear from you by February 2013 we will assume you are no longer teaching and freeze your listing on our website accordingly.






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