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If you want to improve your strength, balance and overall fitness you will benefit from investing in these simple easy to stow products that all compliment Nordic walking to provide maximum training effects.

SUMMER OFFER – BUY ONE GET ONE FREE (Cheapest item) This offer is available for phone orders only due to limited availability – when they are gone, they are gone – Call 0333 1234 540

door gymTHE DOOR GYM

Such a simple concept but highly effective – this lightweight piece of equipment can literally replace the need to visit a gym! The DVD contains a range of exercises designed to strengthen and tone major muscles. Fits on any door frame and can be used anywhere.

£29.95 – usually £51.50


THE FUNCTIONAL TRAINER functional trainer 2

The most effective way to train muscles is to challenge them with a variety of movements that mimic those required of them in everyday life. Enter the functional trainer which does just that. Simple and Portable – great for personal trainers, Instructors and Physiotherapists too.

Only £50.00 – usually £74.00


balance boardTHE BALANCE BOARD

Great way to train your body to be able to cope with uneven surfaces and to work on balance. Also great for recovery from lower joint injuries and as preparation/training for a number of sports and activities.

£49.95 usually £99.00




pilates ring 2Tone, posture, flexibility and strength – all can be gained from using this innovative ring whilst performing traditional pilates based exercises. Comes with a DVD to help you gently exercise at home.

Good for Instructors too

£19.95 – usually £24.99





If you find standing too long is uncomfortable, this amazing piece of kit will allow you to turn a basic chair into a strength trainer. A range of exercises with performed daily, will enhance strength and improve range of movement. all packs away in a small box so is totally portable. Ideal for personal trainers and physiotherapists too.

£39.95 – usually £59.50



THE HULA HOOPhula hoop 2

Trim the waist and burn calories with this timeless classic that has been updated to make it easier to use and more comfortable. This hula hoop comes in click together sections for easy storage and portability too.

Only £27.50 usually £39.50



Gymstick products are of the highest quality and will help you gain and maintain range of movement, posture, strength and balance.


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