NWUK Instructors to host Change for Life Tasters

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C4L_Get_Going_Summer_Pack_LEAFLET_LR_RGB2We are delighted to have secured over £200 worth of resources each for our Delivery partner Instructors who were willing to host special Taster days as part of the National Change for Life summer campaign …….. ‘GET GOING!’

The Campaign is aimed at highlighting the Olympic legacy by encouraging people to try something new on the Anniversary of last years fantastic games.It also has a second phase in September and our Instructors will be working alongside other National Partners of Change for Life, (including some big brand retailers) in their areas in a bid to get more people active.

The resources (pictured in the box) include:- P5290001


Sign up packs


Promotional materials like banners, Posters and freebies.400558-008_GetGoing_Certificate_LR_RGB



Hopefully, the campaign will be a major success and the Instructors who are getting involved will gain lots of new nordic walkers and some useful local links too.Well done chaps, enjoy the resources and have a great day!

The Team at NWUK HQ work really hard to secure similar opportunities for our delivery partner network including some significant workplace health initiatives. It’s a simple but effective concept:- An organisation wants a contract or campaign across a number of sites that follows a standardised proven format and is sustainable. We manage the initial consultation, trials or bid and our delivery partners (who have all been specially trained) deliver the agreed format at their local site.

The FREEDOM card, marketing materials and National branding of the programmes provide a professional touch and our experienced team support the Instructors throughout the process.freedom-card web size

Paul Goddard a long standing delivery Partner from Essex says ” It just makes perfect sense to me, a lone Instructor is never going to be able to look as professional or be as experienced as the NWUK team at dealing with businesses or organisations. Having your own brand is all well and good but when it comes to dealing on a National scale, you need to prove you are part of something bigger. I recently met with an organisation that has a site local to me and others around the UK so I immediately contacted the team at NWUK who helped me to explain the bigger picture and explore how we could promote nordic walking in general rather than just my local services ”

1220 NW del partner logo 2” The network enables us to know that we have the right fully trained representative in every area” says Gill Stewart from NWUK ” We can rely on them to deliver our programmes and in turn, we can continue to invest in providing more tools and support for them”

We are still short of dynamic, forward thinking Instructors who would like to represent us in many areas so if you are:-

  • Passionate about Nordic Walking and want to be part of the bigger picture
  • Are a team player who is willing to go the extra mile (no pun intended)
  • Keen to work in a network that sees other Instructors as partners and not competitors
  • Serious about creating a significant nordic walking business or project.

PlannerGet in touch today and you could soon be:-

  • Trained by our marketing, business and programme delivery specialists
  • Supported by our experts with marketing ideas & local opportunities
  • Earning comissions on pole sales
  • Making use of the bespoke marketing materials, press releases and presentations
  • Delivering our programmes, complete with lesson plans, manual and branding.
  • Issuing the FREEDOM cards and displaying the DELIVERY PARTNER badge

Call Kaye today on 0845 260 9339 or 01234 711099


Training days in Milton Keynes, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Bristol available to book

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