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Every New year you see heaps of advice about health, fitness and happiness often with the title NEW YEAR NEW YOU. At Nordic Walking UK however, we think that should read NEW YEAR …….NEW VIEW because unlike many of the other so called solutions to improving fitness, we think its all about your outlook!

NO, we don’t mean the outlook on your laptop, we mean a positive outlook on life and towards being more active every day. So how do we think our message is different from the gyms and other exercise regimes out there? It’s simple, we can change your outlook because we literally do change your outlook or view every time you join one of our sessions!

Why visit a gym where the view is potentially a sweaty you looking back from a mirror when you could be working every muscle you have whilst exploring places you never knew existed? Our Instructors work hard to inspire you with quality teaching tips and advice as well as plenty of VARIETY. We know that those who take on a new regime are highly likely to quit after a few sessions due to a number of reasons so we work hard to make every session worthwhile. We spend hours searching out brilliant routes that will challenge you at the right level but be full of interest too.

Its much more pleasing to work that bit harder to climb a hill if you are rewarded with a VIEW at the end” says Martin Christie from Nordic Walking UK “And even better if you have a laugh as you do it” We also like to change your view about exercise in general by making sure our sessions are good fun and tailored to your level – no scary Instructors, gym bunnies or need to don tight lycra either! What we do always manage though, is to make sure you get RESULTS and leave feeling energised! 

Another reason people stick to our sessions is that our groups of like minded people who also have a positive outlook. Don’t take our word for it though – here’s what Ursula from Milton Keynes thinks

I am so happy that I discovered Nordic Walking.

I had to stop running, after many years, due to Osteoarthritis in my hip. Waiting for a diagnosis took a long time and I could feel myself getting very low. Once I knew I couldn’t run anymore, I looked to see what activities there were in my local area of Milton Keynes… I signed on to the ‘Learn To Nordic Walk’ course and joined Milton Keynes Nordic Walking. That was October 2018 and I have not looked back since. I am feeling so much better physically and happier in myself. I have no more neck, hip and back pain and I have met wonderful like minded people and made new friends who enjoy exploring our beautiful Milton Keynes area. Our group have Nordic Walked the 10 Mile ‘Midnight Moo’ to support Willen Hospice and had GREAT fun at ‘Purbeck’ the brilliant Nordic Walking festival in Dorset.(see pic below)

Nordic Walking is in my opinion a wonderful remedy for body, mind and soul. 

Ursula (age 66 yrs)


So get started this New year and the best VIEW you will get is the NEW YOU that you see in the mirror!


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