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No they are not walking on water! Just a dedicated bunch of Nordic Walkers trying to negotiate one of the many waterlogged paths we have encountered recently!

Never have we longer more for a crisp winters day!

Mind you there has been enough sunshine for a few groups to have fun making shadows so its not all bad! We love this one as it makes all of the slogs through mud and rain worthwhile. When the going gets tough – we just think of views like this and smile our way through it! Thanks to the Dalesway NW group for this one!

Not quite sure what this lot from Ide Hill Nordic Walking were up to on New Years Day! Apparently they took part in the ‘Beat the Cock’ 5 k(ish) race! We assume it was an organised event and not just a trip to the Pub with an ornamental cockerel?

Whatever they were doing, at least they went out on New Year’s day and we’re sure the chickens (or Cocks) made a nice change from Turkey!


Meanwhile in Milton Keynes they were keen to step out in style on their Monday Motivator walk. We can hear the Instructor (Emma) telling them to stride out, straighten their arms and make sure their hands are at shake hand height as they traverse the wooden walkway!



A record number of newbies joined us during January and February (despite the Weather) and like this smiley bunch, are celebrating gaining their FREEDOM passports. Welcome aboard folks, stay in touch and maybe send us a photo in a month or two when you will be poling professionals!  At least we know they are hardy and won’t mind if it rains!


This group from WALX Wessex were one of many groups that planned special snowdrop walks this year. They tiptoed through the snowdrops at xx which is the venue for the Great British Bake off. Wonder if they got soggy bottoms?



In Tameside, it looks like they are a truly tough group as every week we see pictures of them dressed to be seen as they brave the chilly dark nights to get their steps in. I bet like us, they are looking forward to the clocks changing later this month. Imagine……light evenings at last!



We thought we would finish this round up with a picture of the Watford group basking in the spring sunshine after thank goodness it’s Friday walk. Keep us informed by sending in your pictures and stories to gill@nordicwalking.co.uk or visit our Facebook page for daily updates and motivating videos from around the UK

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