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We get asked every day what type of shoes are suitable for Nordic Walking and although we can provide a tick list of ideal features…..comfort & fit are everything and most people tend to have brands that they prefer. If you are looking for suitable shoes for Nordic walking  – here are our top tips:-

1. Select lightweight shoes or trainers with a FLEXIBLE sole to enable you to roll the foot properly from the heel to toe! Heavy leather boots are not ideal!

2. Look for good heel cushioning because Nordic walking requires you to strike the ground heel first.

3. Choose shoes with a chunky all terrain grip on the soles to enable you to Nordic walk cross country.

4. Check that the shoes are not too restrictive around the ankles and that they have padding and a dip at the back to avoid irritation to the Achilles tendon.

5. Ideally select waterproof, breathable shoes (Goretex or similar fabrics) so you can stay dry and avoid having to banish smelly shoes to the shed!

6. ALWAYS check the shoes for fit and comfort to avoid rubbing at the heel or excess foot room which causes the foot to slide within the shoe.

Last year our team tested the MERRELL SIREN (Ladies) and MOEB (Mens) shoes and the feedback was really positive  – we now recommend them to our Instructors because they tick all the boxes and are perfect for Nordic Walking………..whatever the weather! We’ve dropped the price for our readers too so click here to take advantage or talk to the team about getting the size just right with our bespoke service on 0333 1234 540

Finally don’t forget how important it is to wear the correct socks – we recommend X socks for Nordic Walking (Click here for more info) because they are made for the way we plant our feet and provide padding in all of the right areas. If your shoes are not waterproof – check out the amazing Sealskinz waterproof socks…..genius! (Click here for more info )

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