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We receive calls and e mails daily about how Nordic walking has positively changed somebody’s health, body shape and even life! Here are two we thought we would share with you……………………….

IAN McLELLAN was an obese diabetic with high blood pressure when he started Nordic walking as part of his personal training plan in 2009

ian McPictured here with a rather horrible rubber model that represents 5lbs of body fat, Ian has since lost the equivalent of 16 times the model, a staggering 78lbs in body fat (5 and 1/2 stone).  A transformation that has meant huge gains in health and fitness and an inspiration to all.  A commitment to training twice a week and eating less have been the key.   Ian does not have a special diet just a determination to achieve his weight loss goal.  Setting manageable and achievable weekly goals which consistently and steadily get you to where you want to be has been his method. His Instructor, Helen Gilchrist says ” Ian’s self-discipline is to be highly commended, as we all know how easy it is to ‘give in’ to temptation”

Ian has just celebrated his 70th birthday proving age is not a barrier to weight loss.  Also in 2011 he had a hip replacement and continued to train right up until his operation and then continued afterwards with a modified training programme to aid his recovery.  Ian is now exploring places with his Nordic poles that he wasn’t able to before, like Mere Castle and Glastonbury Tor.  So, well done Ian on your amazing results and keep Nordic Walking!

ELIZABETH Wanted a challenge but could never had imagined how much her fitness and body shape would improve

“Late last year, 2012, I made the decision to achieve a life time dream and  walk the length of Britain during May – July of this year.  Short notice and I was not fit by any length of the imagination.  Having recovered from ME 5 years earlier, I had never got back into my fitness regime of the past, and so this was my chance. 

I started walking more and swimming and then I was introduced to Karen’s Nordic walking group in Aylesbury.  This was perfect as I already walked with poles and now I could train to use them as an additional form of fitness as well as supporting my weak knees.  She was great: flexible with her training times; small groups and all weathers.  Once fully trained I joined her co instructor Ben in Berkhamsted for some rigorous training in the small hills of this beautiful town, and continued with the terrain training in Ashridge with Karen and some other lovely trainers.  What fun we had and I met some lovely fellow Nordic walkers as well.  Having shared my dream with Karen and Ben, they fully supported me with some good walks and Karen’s amazing deep tissue massages.  Wonderful! Fully prepared I set off for my 1020 mile trek through this beautiful land and took in the Great Glen Way and the West Highland Way en route.  To my amazement, through walking with the poles I gained a figure such that I have never had before.  My upper body and waist are now the size they were when I was in my 20’s and my whole body is smaller than it has been in 20 years!!!  How happy am I that I took to Nordic walking to support me in the challenge of a long distance walk? Knees held up; fitter and slimmer than I have been in years.  It really is a great way to keep fit and Karen and Ben are fantastically enthusiastic and supportive.  Thanks guys n gals –  by the way, my next challenge SWCP in 2 years’ time is on the cards (680-800 miles) – watch this space! “

Thanks to Instructors Karen Lem and Helen Gilchrist for helping us with these testimonials and their brilliant work out in the field(literally) If, like Ian, you have any medical conditions that you feel might affect your ability to exercise – get in touch and we can put you in touch with a suitably qualified instructor or project where you can work to overcome any issues at your own pace!

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