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View to Mont Blanc

View towards Mont Blanc. Courtesy of Tracks & Trails

So…… you love Nordic Walking with your local instructor but you want to travel to more exotic climates with your poles to experience some of the fantastic routes and holidays now available (see the holiday section on our website for some ideas).

But transporting your poles can cause problems, especially if you have fixed length poles, as they can be fragile and susceptible to damage if taken in the hold.  Most airlines also do not allow the poles to be carried in the cabin as they are deemed ‘dangerous’ with their sharp carbide tip.

However, there are a number of telescopic poles that collapse down to fit into a suitcase available for purchase.  To fit in a standard suitcase they must collapse to under 62cm and there are three models stocked by Nordic Walking UK that are ideal depending on your budget.

Gabel Tour XT

The Gabel Tour XT is a great budget option, made from lightweight aluminium and in 3 telescopic pieces.  It collapses to 59cm and is ideal for those who need a cheaper second pole for short holiday breaks.

We also recommend the Leki Traveller Carbon, as ‘the’ pole to take away with you.  Made from 100% carbon, it is the lightest (220g) and stiffest telescopic pole on the market, making it ideal to keep the weight down, without compromising the feel and performance of the pole.  With the Leki ‘Shark’ strap attachment system as well; it makes it a great pole to use even if you are not going away. In fact, for many City dwellers who travel by tubes and trains on a daily basis it’s the ONLY pole they use.

Leki Traveller Carbon

Finally, if you plan to do some trekking, as well as Nordic Walking, the Gabel Fusion offers a great solution.  Made from thicker grade aluminium, it comes with trekking straps and paws, as well as the Nordic Walking attachments too and is designed to be a better weight bearing pole for both techniques.

If you simply want to take your own longer poles away with you – just remember to book them into sports or outsize baggage (like skis) You can always protect them with a padded bag

Gabel Fusion

like the Leki 2 Pole Bag which will help protect them against knocks and scrapes. However  these will not be guaranteed to safeguard against damage when travelling on planes where heavy baggage can be put on top.

So, when you’re planning your next adventure, make sure your poles can come with you! No excuses!

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