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WALX Hampstead runs innovative and social outdoor exercise classes for all abilities. Our WALX are so much more than just a walk in the park – with classes for all abilities, ranging from Wellness WALX for those seeking caring, gentle exercise through to our Total Body WALX for those wanting to be pushed harder, there is something for everyone. We have French-conversation WALX, out-of-town Explorer WALX and Nordic WALX.


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Keeping our walkers safe!


Our WALXhampstead team update their first aid skills every 3 years. Luckily we don’t need to use it very often but we’re ready if we do!   Check the photo to see our WALXhampstead team on their recent first aid training. Sue is dealing with Phyllis’s hypothermia; Sarah is responding to Sue’s eye injury; Daniel […]

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Meet the Team

Sarah Tomkins

Role: WALX Guide

Sarah started Nordic walking in February 2014 after retiring from a long teaching career. She is a Nordic Walking UK Leader and WALX Guide, and works with Sue to organise and run longer Explorer WALX in and around London, as well as organising trips further afield (in 2019 to Prosecco, Italy; in 2020, snowshoeing in the Austrian Alps). She has always loved walking and is passionate about the health and social benefits of Nordic walking and exercising outdoors, in general. Sarah enjoys a challenge and will always push herself. She enjoys supporting and encouraging others to achieve their aims.

Michelle Wayne

Role: Nordic Walking UK Leader

Michelle has been leading walks as part of the Hampstead team since 2010; she is a Nordic Walking UK Leader and WALX Guide and is passionate about helping others enjoy being active and making new friends. With a strong personal background in sport, Michelle played table tennis to county standard and is a professional tennis coach.  She is married with two daughters.

Sue Livock

Role: Nordic Walking UK Instructor

Sue has been Nordic walking since 2014. After clocking up 36 years’ experience as a PE teacher, she was looking for a new activity to take up in her retirement. Loving being outside, she tried Nordic walking in Hampstead and was hooked, quickly progressing to becoming a Nordic Walking UK Instructor.

Sue believes Nordic walking is an activity that has something to offer everyone. As an instructor, she will encourage you to achieve your goals whether you want to improve your fitness, set yourself a challenge, relax and enjoy the changing seasons, or just walk and talk and make new friends.

Whilst enjoying year round WALX on the Heath, Sue leads our regular longer Explorer WALX through the greener parts of London and the surrounding countryside, and organises our trips abroad and to other parts of the UK.

Diana Gore

Role: WALX Coach

Diana has been a Nordic Walking UK Instructor since March, 2013.  Over the years, she has added more qualifications in order to help clients with medical conditions, including osteoporosis, joint replacement and arthritis. Alongside her Nordic walking, she works with elderly clients to prevent falls by improving balance, fitness and muscle strength. “The longer I teach, the more convinced I am of the huge health and wellbeing benefits of structured outdoor exercise in a group. Nordic walking is infinitely adaptable to the needs of individual clients and can be enjoyed in any environment for many years.”

Daniel Oyemomilara

Role: WALX Guide

Daniel has worked in the fitness industry for many years, with a passion for exercise since childhood. He has taught a wide variety of fitness classes and still enjoys boxing and weights, but discovered a love of walking a few years ago. As a personal trainer, Daniel brings his expertise to create exciting and challenging Nordic and Total Body WALX.

Daniel combines his time personal training and delivering WALX with his work as a professional singer.

Phyllis Slack

Role: Nordic Walking UK Instructor

Phyllis ditched her gym membership in 2016 and decided to become more active, outdoors. She started Nordic walking in 2016 and became a Nordic Walking UK Instructor in 2018. Nordic walking has helped to improve her fitness and has developed her love of the outdoors.

As an experienced reflexologist, Phyllis is committed to aiding the healing, health and wellbeing of her clients and herself. Specialising in Wellbeing WALX, and focusing on the social and health benefits of exercising outdoors, Phyllis feels she can really make a difference.

Martin Christie

Role: WALX Master

Martin brought Nordic walking to this country in 2003, forming Nordic Walking UK and creating the education programmes for over 5000 instructors nationwide. He introduced Nordic walking to Hampstead in 2010 and continues to deliver classes, train instructors and develop fitness walking programmes for national roll out.

The next step on this journey is the development of WALX – reaching those who prefer to exercise outdoors, whether for fitness, health – physical and mental – or rehab … with Nordic walking poles or without.

Martin owns, manages and delivers classes for WALXhampstead. He has surrounded himself with a fantastic team of instructors and aims for WALXhampstead to be the premier fitness walking club in the country.


from members of WALX Hampstead

Perfect 30 minutes

Working hard during lockdown has meant little free time but Martin’s daily 30 minutes is perfect & not like any other offer out there. Never routine, always fun, part of a supportive, friendly group but plenty of personal attention - plus great value - Claire

Claire Johnston

WALXhampstead...absolute joy

I joined WALXhampstead this summer and it has been an absolute joy. I have massively improved my fitness, easily and in a really enjoyable environment and I have had the opportunity to meet and chat with lots of kind and interesting people. There is a mix of ages and fitness levels and a range of classes or walks to suit all. I highly recommend having an introductory lesson to get to grips with walking with poles and joining a group walk to see if it’s for you. It is the most enjoyable way of improving your fitness that I have found.

Sarah Lummis