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Emma has been a Nordic walking instructor for 5 half years.  She left her teaching profession to become a full time Nordic walking instructor in 2017. She is passionate about promoting the benefits of exercise and making exercise available to everyone.  She has the skills and qualifications to offer a to range of different classes  to support her clients in maintaining  healthier fitter lifestyles and improved overall  wellbeing.

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Staying Motivate with Exercise during Lockdown


Staying motivated WARNING: WALKING WITH WALX CAN BE SERIOUSLY GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH TIME OF DAY ..   Pick your time of day if your a  person walk first thing. There is no point if you hate mornings to be setting your alarm for 530am. If after work is best look for walks for this time […]

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Meet the Team

Emma White

Role: WALX Master

Emma is passionate about the benefits of exercise and encouraging those of all abilities to become more active, fitter and energised through Nordic Walking in the Warwickshire countryside. She will encourage and support you to reach your goals. It is great fun and social and would encourage anyone to have a go and begin to feel the benefits which can be life changing.

Emma White

Role: Walx Master

Emma has been a Nordic walking instructor for 3 half years.  She left her teaching profession to become a full time Nordic walking instructor in 2017. She is passionate about promoting the benefits of exercise and making exercise available to everyone.  She has the skills and qualifications to offer a to range of different classes  to support her clients in maintaining  healthier fitter lifestyles and improved overall  wellbeing. She has  a holistic approach to exercise.  Whatever your goals she will help you achieve them. Many of her clients do not like using the gym, some haven’t exercised for years but with her support and encouragement they   have found exercising with Emma a great alternative to the gym. Emma adapts her sessions and will support everyone to achieve their own personal goals. From her own personal experiences she can support you in training for  National events to  improving mobility and wellbeing through exercise for  everyday tasks. Whatever your goals she will  keep you motivated to achieve them.

Peter Rollason

Role: Walx Master

Peter Rollason has always combined a challenging legal career as a local solicitor with sport and fitness. He played competitive rugby until the age of 59 and coached youth rugby for over 20 years. He discovered Nordic walking over 12 years ago when it helped him recover from a persistent back injury and re-qualified as an instructor two years ago; since when he has assisted Emma White his partner in growing the business by taking walks and instructing at the weekends and in the evenings. His passion is assisting clients to achieve their personal goals in the area of fitness and well-being; particularly those who come to exercise later in life and, in many cases, for the first time ever.  Seeing what practising the various techniques available under the Walx banner in the stunning outdoor local surroundings can do to personal growth and self-confidence,  never ceases to amaze and gratify him


from members of WALX Leamington And Warwick

Walking holiday on Jersey Coastal Path

Just returned from walking the 50 miles of Jersey's coastal path. One day was 13 miles with lots of ascent and descent. Thank you Emma as I could never have done this if I 'd not been Nordic walking for the last 2 years plus all the zoom sessions.


Health Check

Today I had a health check at my doctors, for blood sugar levels, cholesterol, blood pressure, heart rate, which seem well below from this the nurse said my heart is 4 years younger than my chronological age. Last time i had a health check my heart  was 2 years younger. the nurse said it's because of the Nordic Walking. So thank you Emma for keep pushing me beyond my comfort zone. See you for the next session next week!


Leamington Parkinson's Group

WALX - Nordic Walking and exercise with smoveys   Following a request from the committee Ivan and I investigated to see if this type of exercise would benefit persons who have Parkinson. We joined the Wellbeing Gentle Walk in Victoria Park run by Emma White and her dog Cosmo.   Our findings were very positive and we were advised by her that she was already running a class in Rugby specifically for persons with Parkinson. The group we joined was for persons with many different underlying conditions using Nordic poles and smoveys to exercise. For people like us who hadn’t heard of a smovey it is a vibrating ring which stimulates the brain and body whilst exercising, and was designed specifically by Johann Salzhans to help with his parkinsonism.   We found the session to have many positives for people with Parkinson. We felt it Improved posture, balance, confidence, and mental wellbeing. It was stimulating and toning and we also enjoyed the informal social side. We were also amazed at the knowledgeable and enthusiastic teaching by Emma White and of course her dog Cosmo. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own level and rest if needed. Carers are also made very welcome to give support and join in at no cost   Key emphasis is enjoyment!!   Good parking facilities in Archery Road and car park at end of Archery Road. Toilet facilities are available in the park. There is also a café which many use to catch up after the session to discuss bunions, life etc.

Karen Spicer

Nordic Walx

I want to thank Emma for our walks together. They have challenged me in a good healthy way to work at a high intensity level. I have found that I am much stronger as a result and my recovery time has reduced dramatically as my fitness levels have increased from when  I completed my Power of Poles course  in  September 2020. Bring them on Emma


Parkinsons, Walking and Wellbeing

We have been attending Emma’s exercise sessions for a year and a half and not only felt a real benefit but invariably enjoyed them. Using the Nordic poles has been particularly good for Rhondda’s Parkinson’s; when we get the technique right it can feel like flying. During this last year the zoom exercise sessions have been fun and something to look forward to. Emma is particularly good at communicating and making us all feel welcome and she appreciates our different energies and abilities. We can strongly recommend her as an instructor.

Rhondda and Chris


I know that the surgery promotes physical activity and has various running and walking groups attached to it  (not happening at the moment, obviously) but I would like to suggest another physical activity you may wish to share with other patients. I have EGPA plus resultant nerve damage/problems and two years ago I spent six months using a wheelchair when I was outside the house.  I did improve to the point of being able to walk with a stick, but I walked quite slowly and couldn’t imagine ever being able to put on some walking boots and tramp across the fields as I once did.  I also put on quite a bit of weight as I was no longer commuting to Birmingham with all the rushing about that that entailed. A physiotherapist at the Well Centre suggested that I try Nordic walking with South Warwickshire Nordic Walking and I took to it like a duck to water.  It has helped enormously with my walking and I have indeed managed to tramp across the fields as I used to do! There are quite a lot of classes to choose from (starting on some days at 6 am and carrying on until 7 pm!) and the class I do on a Monday is designed for people like me with balance and walking problems (I know that there is also a class for people with Parkinson’s disease).  Our tutor, Emma White, is the most amazing force and one of the most positive people I have met in my life - I would pay the money just to see her every week, never mind do the exercise.  We are also joined by Emma’s golden retriever Cosmo, and I can honestly say that it does the mind and spirit as much good as it does the body. Evidently at the moment it is difficult to get out walking and all groups have been cancelled - instead Emma has been taking exercise classes on Zoom two or three times a day.  It’s wonderful to see Emma and everyone else and we even get fleeting glimpses of Cosmo! You may consider recommending Nordic walking to patients who want to improve their walking ability or just get outside and walk with a friendly bunch of people.  I know that in “normal” times Emma does free taster classes so that people can try it for themselves before committing. If you need any further details, Emma would be happy to provide these Best wishes Louise



Thanks Emma. A lovely wellbeing  session and so good for my balance

Gill, 74