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WALX Leicester East is run by Amanda Howe and her experienced fun loving team! Expect WALX for all levels all over this stunning region that will help you be the fittest you have ever been whilst exploring the country parks, canals and open countryside.

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WALX Types Available
  • Accessible WALX
  • Explorer WALX
  • Nordic WALX
  • Power of Poles Intro Course
  • Power of Poles Session Two
  • Total Body WALX
  • Wellness WALX

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    Ready for anything?


    What’s the weirdest thing you have in the back of your car? I think mine is probably a cat litter tray! You might ask why? Read on to find out! As the weather becomes a bit more unpredictable, my mind turns towards the creature comforts which make our daily walks and activities more practical. As […]

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    Feeling the heat


    Given the new “Extreme Heat” weather warnings issued by the Met Office, staying safe in extremes of temperature is very important. We will always assess client safety dependent on the venue and activities we have scheduled and if necessary, contact people who have booked to advise them of a change of time or route, or […]

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    Water, water everywhere……


    At this time of year, it is particularly important to stay hydrated on a day-to-day basis, but even more so when you are out on a WALX. Dehydration can cause fatigue, affect your mood and ability to concentrate, and impact on your physical performance. But what is the best way to stay hydrated? Not all […]

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    What3Words – yes, those 3 words!


    What3Words is an ingenious location app, which can be downloaded onto your smartphone (Android and iPhone versions are available from your app store) or used on a desktop computer via a browser. If you have ever wondered why there are three random words associated with the description of our activities on our websites – that […]

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    Meet the Team


    Role: WALX Master

    Amanda likes to be out and about in the fresh air. She loves the sociability of Explorer WALX and Nordic WALX and will help you find your inner calm and wellbeing with her Wellness WALX


    Role: WALX Master

    Jenny is a highly skilled fitness professional who is qualified to deliver Cardiac rehabilitation and Exercise referral sessions. Jenny combines those skills with a lot of fun to make sure that anyone who steps out with her, feels comfortable, motivated and healthier from day one!

    Join Jenny to for both your physical and mental health and wellbeing. She will be running a variety of sessions ranging from:

    • Strength and Conditioning,
    • Wellness WALX (this session is especially for those with health issues and will include exercises to include cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and balance),
    • Mindful WALX,
    • Power of Poles 1, Tips and Techniques,
    • Power of Poles 2, Tips and Techniques,
    • Energising cardiovascular WALX
    • Gentle walk and talk.


    from members of WALX Leicester East

    Exercise and chat!

    I really enjoyed the session yesterday afternoon and went home on a real high from the exercise and the chat!

    Gwen, 59

    A full body workout!

    I just wanted to extend my thanks for today's session. I got home and walked the dog, and felt like I'd been to the gym for a full body workout which is exactly what I wanted.

    Niki, 44

    I could not recommend 'WALX' more highly to people of all ages! 

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Nordic Walking session and it has transformed the way I walk daily. It is the perfect way to de-stress and there were moments in the session where I was completely transfixed by the marching beat I was making with my poles. I could not recommend 'WALX' more highly to people of all ages! Amanda was engaging, able to answer every question I had during the walk and great with communication before the session. Thank you!

    Sophia, 23

    Raring to go!

    Great 121 session with Amanda this morning at Everards Meadows. Got my Freedom Passport, lots of motivation, and am raring to go!

    Sinead, 56

    Feeling Fabulous

    I never came out of a gym session feeling like I did yesterday!

    Lynn, 60