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Love it or hate it Technology is here to stay and this year at our Purplebeck Festival in September we embraced it both as a way to keep folk safe and to aid research. So, DON’T SWITCH off from this article because we have two APPS that could save you and others from illness or a serious incident.

What3words – We have been using this App when doing our route planning and reccies and we love it! In simple terms it has mapped the whole world and divided it in to 3 metre squares which all have a random three word ‘tag’ applied to them. Now embraced by the Emergency services, the App which was originally designed as a way to share your location with others, is a simple way to pinpoint exactly where you are. This article explains it in detail

We found it invaluable as a way to train our festival HOSTS and are now adapting it for all of our walk locations as in many rural areas postcodes can cause confusion.


Purbeck, where WALX HQ is based, is known to have a high risk of Lyme Disease as a result of tick bites so we handed out Lyme Disease Action leaflets at the Festival this year. Lyme Disease is a real issue for walkers and it pays to know how to avoid and manage the risks. If you do get bitten, the LymeApp will help with vital research and the message is that taking early action will reduce the risk of the disease taking hold – for more information this article from the I newspaper is very informative and if you do get bitten or find a tick please use the App. You can follow Lyme Disease Action on Facebook to stay up to date too.

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