8 stone weight loss for Justin

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This time last year JUSTIN MOORS from Dorset was embarking on his New years resolution to lose weight and address the heart condition associated with having been classified as morbidly obese.

Now a massive EIGHT STONE LIGHTER Justin told us

I hadn’t made any significant or at least sustained attempt to do anything about my weight or health.  My view changed when my sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer in October 2019, it really made me begin to realise how fragile life is, for the first time in my life, I made a New Year’s resolution

I decided to lose weight and improve my health. I started my regime on January 1st 2020, sadly my sister passed away eleven days later and she then became my guiding light, the motivator for me to actually stick at this and make a change.

I’d found out about Nordic Walking on the internet, it sounded interesting – I loved the concept of an activity that burned more calories than regular walking with seemingly less effort, sounded perfect.  I booked a course with Gilly from WALX Dorset in late February and achieved my freedom passport perfectly in time for the first National lockdown.

Justin at the start of his journey with WALX

I carried on taking my solo daily exercise using the poles to try and perfect my technique and by the time the group walks started again I had gotten the hang of it and more importantly become a little addicted to it. Getting out on the group walks was a revelation, I eased myself in gently by doing a 6 mile undulating walk – I absolutely loved it, I met great people and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Whilst not locked-down, I now typically enjoy three walks a week, it really has helped my weight loss, in the first year of my journey I have managed to shed 8 stone and have significantly improved my health, to the point of potentially reversing my heart condition much to the delight of my cardiologist.

Justin in Winter 2020

Justin is now an avid Nordic walker and loves being active and healthy outdoors as you can see in this picture. His local Instructor Lucie Cormack told us:- Justin is now a popular member of the WALX Dorset group – always joining with both on line challenges and outdoors – we are so impressed with his dedication. In fact he has signed up for The Macmillan Mighty Hike 26 mile challenge in September this year and we will support him all the way

Justin will be raising money in memory of his Sister  – see his JustGiving page Here

If you want support to lose weight and get fit in 2021, find your local group HERE for advice, Nordic walking tuition plus a huge variety of regular walks and classes.


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