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Being outdoors and in nature is proven to boost mood and being active is something everybody NEEDS to do in order to remain healthy.

So why not combine the two?

Nordic Walking turns a walk into a workout because it involves the upper body as well as the legs which in turn means you tone both areas with every step! Added to that, those large muscles require oxygen so you get a great cardiovascular workout and by default…..burn up to 40% more calories too

Think of the typical gym where you can choose to walk on a TREADMILL or hop onto the CROSS TRAINER where you would work the whole body at the same time. Nordic walking is the outdoor version of the latter and can provide results very quickly because there is an another secret factor that not many people know about!

Shhhhh don’t tell anybody but …..when used properly Nordic and fitness walking poles provide PROPULSION which in turn makes you feel lighter on your feet. Great for lower body joints but also this weight bearing action makes walking feel EASIER! People comment almost immediately that they can walk faster and further than usual once they have harnessed the POWER of POLES.

This obviously means they are exercising more effectively (CV and all over toning) with the added bonus of being outdoors!

So our message is –  Stay safe and turn every step into an outdoor workout by joining your local group where you will master the basics and be able to join regular walks too. It’s always best to learn how to use the poles and to make sure you get the right ones – it only takes 90 minutes to master the basics and a daily Nordic walk can fit into anyone’s lifestyle. You can do it anywhere too!

Don’t just take our word for it – see what our regulars say  ……….

I joined for the workout…mainly to get the heart rate up. But I rediscovered the natural world and unexpectedly found a social group of beautiful, like-minded people! I’ve never been so motivated to get up and out every day with the added bonus of so many new friends. Perfect 

I’d like to encourage people to join, I re started walking with this group last July and despite lockdowns have become so much fitter (and slimmer), exercising outdoors with other people is fab and you get to see bits of the local area you never knew existed (despite living here all my life!) You will have lots of fun at the same time as getting fitter and making friends

Nordic Walking was recommended to me after a cancer diagnosis. and I was very lucky to learn to Nordic Walk with Lucie at WALX Dorset . She is a really lovely and patient teacher and walk leader. She, along with all the other Nordic Walking leaders and instructors always put on a wide variety of interesting walks to suit different levels of stamina and ability. The company is always great and the views are wonderful, even when it’s pouring down (as long as you are dressed appropriately for the weather). People come from all different Walx  of life (pardon the pun) so you will never be short of a good conversation or if you prefer, you can happily just enjoy the companionship. Oh and just to add, my health is a lot better for all the exercise and fresh air that I have had since I have been Nordic Walking 🚶‍♀️


The POWER of POLES induction is available from NWUK and WALX groups all over the UK, in Ireland, the Channel Isles and soon in Europe too!

BOOK a POWER of POLES induction HERE 

Read more about the types of poles we use HERE

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