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It’s so good to get used to being out and about again but be aware that there is a welcome party waiting for you as you stride out through the long grass and bracken!


Ticks are lurking in the undergrowth waiting for their next host to brush past them. Some of them are really tiny so it’s hard to spot them until they have attached themselves in order to feed (on your blood!). At this point they get larger and are easier to find BUT IT’S TOO LATE.

We can not stress enough that ticks are BAD NEWS!

A tick on the skinThey carry Lyme Disease (and other nasties) and if you are bitten, you could get pretty ill with this awful disease that has some symptons that might even be  mistaken for Coronavirus during this Pandemic (Muscles aches and fever) Any delay in diagnosis of Lyme Disease is not good news  so we think that now more than ever, prevention is the answer.

Here are our tips:-


Cover arms and legs when walking in long grass, bracken and areas where Deer and wildlife are prevalent. Yes, we know you like to stay cool and gain a tan but there are some great lightweight fabrics that are impregnated with repellent or shirts with mesh inserts. Check out ROHAN and GO OUTDOORS who both have good ranges  – and don’t forget that NWUK Members get a discount in both stores so make sure you look up the discount code in your members benefits area before you buy! Wear lighter colours too as that way you can see the pesky critters before they reach your skin!


Use a really good tick spray or repellent – we swear by SMIDGE – developed in Scotland to fend off midges, we use it daily near HQ in Dorset which has the highest Lyme Disease risk in the UK and so far we are bite free! If you prefer an oily barrier we are told that Avon skin so soft is good and so are other oil based natural repellents that use plant oils. We will be testing the new environmentally friendly BOTANIC PROTECT plant based product at WALX HQ in the coming months and will report back soon!


Do a quick check when you get in after walking in long grass. Ticks will crawl into crevasses like the back of knees and also love hairy areas like armpits so be quite thorough! Its a good idea to wash clothes at 60 degrees too.


If you do suspect you have been bitten or you find a tick on you – TAKE ACTION!  Remove the tick using a proper tick remover like these ones and clean the area with antiseptic. Then watch out for any signs of infection, especially a circular red rash which resembles a bullseye. This is not always present so watch for anything unusual and be aware if you feel feverish, dizzy or generally unwell. Your GP will be able to do a test and treat Lyme Disease if its present, as long as you are quick to respond.

These links will help you discover more about Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease Action

NHS Lyme Disease

Our message at WALX is simple….we love sharing our countryside with wildlife but not our blood, so be aware, be prepared and everything will be tickety boo!






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