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As the WALX team sat in the November Lockdown worrying that it might be extended into December, we came up with a novel way to stay in touch with our walkers come what may!

The WALX Advent calendar workout plan was created to add some activity and fun to a difficult pre Christmas month

The plan was for the WALX team to ‘pop out’ of the calendar every other day with a live session where we provided some tips on exercise and wellbeing, passed on the exercise drill of the day and a fitness walking workout plan for the following day

All participants received an update e mail with the tips and  videos (which in the end proved invaluable as many were back out walking and liked to catch up with the plan in the Evenings)

Santa does advent workout with WALX

The 12 subjects covered included:-
Why balance is important and how to improve it
Understanding ‘Tummy fat’ and some dietary tips for reducing it
Flexibility and why its vital to stay supple
Bone density and the exercises that can help
Brisk walking and why adding burst
How Resistance exercises can help with weight loss
Strength exercises and why we should do them twice a week.
Mood and Mental health and tips to help be ‘mindful in nature’
Functional fitness and range of movement
Staying hydrated and the importance of sleep

Each session had a sprinkle of festivity with the unique exercise drills given names such as the Xmas Tipple walk and the Christmas Jumper!

The aim was to encourage people to think about every aspect of fitness and be refreshed, informed and ready for Christmas (ideally with a calorie deficit so they could enjoy the big meal!)

All of the drills can be incorporated into a walk and performed with or without poles too so they really fit into the WALX ethos of walking yourself well!

The final session on the 23rd was a fun JINGLE BELLS circuit where each presenter Instructor (Martin Christie, Denise Page, Sam Armstrong and Matt Gibbs) lead a mass workout at home which is designed to be a fun daily workout for the Christmas break.

The team have plans for similar sessions the suit all levels in the New Year so check out with your local group how to take part or visit and search WALX induction plans.

fitness walking workout on zoom

Yule be glad you did  – just like these folk who shared their comments with us…………….

Really liked the first advent video-so human and not preaching. Ruth

I have enjoyed the sessions and today, ( Monday) made me think that I ready need to push the pace a bit. When I was out last week I walked the white lines round the local (deserted) tennis court. I cannot at the moment join my regular Nordic Walking group as they are in Tier 3 and I live in Tier 2. Your piece about diet was good

I have found these sessions so helpful. Thank you so much for all the work that has gone into preparing them. Anne
Thank you so much for the Advent Adventures – I haven’t been able to catch them all at the set times, but have really enjoyed the catch-up videos. Good motivators on dark days.With much admiration for and appreciation of your professional commitment
Love the online sessions- friendly, informative and great exercises
I must have looked like John Cleese as a practised my balance along a dotted parking line on my daily constitutional walk today! Hope no-one was looking! Jodi


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