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Exercise is something we should all do but some people it may seem daunting especially if health issues make it hard to know the best and safest way to include it into your life.

For those who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease for example, there are a lot of considerations such as drug treatment cycles, risk of falls and just how much intensity is advised. So, although research shows that Exercise is AS IMPORTANT as medication because it can slow the progression of physical symptoms and help with the management of them too. It also has a positive effect on mental health and even sleep patterns.

Parkinson’s UK provide a huge bank of resources which outline the correct intensity in accordance with the severity of symptoms and also access to downloads and on line classes. As Pole walking is something many PD groups embrace and physiotherapists find useful, we developed our specific pole walking for rehabilitation modules based around safe and suitable techniques 3 years ago.

Now we have teamed up with REACH YOUR PEAK a team of Physiotherapists who specialise in Exercise for People with Parkinson’s and offer a virtual clinic  too – together we have developed a great on line training  module to help our pole walking Instructors plus Leaders, Rehabilitation therapists and anyone involved with Parkinson’s groups to have a better understanding of PD and the considerations for Exercise in relation to it.

Whilst we developed the course primarily for our network and partners to be able to deliver intelligent exercise solutions, we are also aware that the information is something that those with PD might also found useful when embarking on their own Exercise regime. So we have made it as accessible as possible.

The Heads Up on Exercise for Parkinson’s is an online course delivered over three distinct online lessons, available to work through in your own time and come back to whenever you want to refresh your knowledge.

It is open to all and will improve  knowledge of Parkinson’s, plus give an insight into the key elements exercise must contain to make it Parkinson’s-specific. It will highlight issues and contraindications that Parkinson’s Disease may present so they are easily recognised and managed well.


The course is split up into 3 lessons:

  • Lesson 1 is an introduction to Parkinson’s, giving you background knowledge of the condition.
    • Lesson 2 will build on the knowledge from lesson 1 and include an overview of what a Parkinson’s Prescription for Exercise looks like.
    • Lesson 3 teaches you the key elements that exercise needs to contain in order for it to be Parkinson’s-specific.


Online learning including videos of real-life examples and suitable exercises.

To find out more or enrol on line  click HERE

NOTE: This course does not enable a rehab assistant, WALX or Nordic Walking UK instructor, or other fitness professional to diagnose Parkinson’s or to create rehab programmes for someone with Parkinson’s; it is anticipated that this will be done by, or in conjunction with, a suitable qualified rehab or medical professional.

The purpose of this course is to enable the above categories to deliver a safe and effective session, better understand the challenges facing the participant, and be able to adapt exercises within a session to make them safer or more effective.

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