How to turn a walk into a WALX!

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These days, its easy to find good walking routes.

The emergence of route sharing apps and fantastic resources like ORDNANCE SURVEY, the  NATIONAL TRUST and THE OUTDOOR GUIDE have all helped people discover great walks all over the UK.

If people fancy going for a walk it’s easier than ever to work out where to go. There are also lots of walking groups for all ages and abilities some of which are FREE too.

So what makes WALX different?

At WALX we focus on more than just the route, yes we will have pre walked it, completed a risk assessment and made sure we know just how far it is, what the terrain is like and who it is suitable for but we also include our secret ingredients….

Our recipe for good Explorer WALX is to combine the following in equal amounts………

  • A cheerful, qualified and professional leader who takes time to understand every participant and makes sure nobody is out of their comfort zone
  • An inspirational route with a lot of views or points of interest or these such as
    • History
    • Geology
    • Culinary
    • Foraging
    • Alpacas (yes, Alpacas!)
    • and more, as you will see below
  • A bunch of like minded people who enjoy being active outdoors in a relaxed, friendly and well organised group
  • Good information about the distance, pace and even a what 3 words location finder to make sure you never got last finding the start point. Reminders and simple ways to book pay and even cancel help too
  • SMILAGE! Unique to WALX we like to make sure that every mile makes you smile and that you get added benefits from your smilage points too

Oh and we like to sprinkle on some extras (when we are able to) like a sociable drink somewhere lovely and of course sunshine! Although we have been around long enough to know that the latter has a mind of its own so we provide advice on the right kit to make sure we can enjoy our WALX whether it decides to shine or not!

Still not convinced? well, where else might you find a class called………….

ameliorez votre francais; ameliorez votre condition physique

(improve your French and your physical fitness ooh la la)  in the same week as a Fungi nature WALX, Photography WALX, Dog WALX and and something titled the Yarns of Charm which starts at an old cotton mill?

WALX groups all over the UK are always busy finding WALX that will inspire, motivate and make you laugh because that’s we all like to do too!

If you would like a flavour of our WALX or feel you could help your local WALX group with an idea or two, get in touch today for a taste of the great outdoors!

EXPLORER WALX can be enjoyed by all ages, with or without poles – check each description fully to see if its suitable for you, pop your walking gear on and we will see you at the start!

We are always happy to chat through the right WALX for you, call us at any time!



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