Nordic Walking poles – like Trigger’s broom

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Those who remember Only Fools and Horses will no doubt know what we mean by Trigger’s Broom – in this famous episode of the long running comedy, Trigger explains how he has had the same broom for years…..  “And that’s what I’ve done. Maintained it for 20 years. This old brooms had 17 new heads and 14 new handles in its time”

Maintain your Nordic Walking poles and you too could still have them many years later (we know that at HQ there are poles over 15 years old and still as good as new)

So, what is replaceable on most Nordic Walking Poles?


Hopefully most Nordic Walkers who walk on hard surfaces know the rubber PAWS are replaceable and have done so often. Worn PAWS will affect technique, in fact they are also a great indicator if technique has slipped a bit too. Check your PAWS today – If they are worn at all, get some new ones but also check if the wear is even across centre of the PAW. If its at the rear or tip, check your technique and pole length. If its on one side, get you local Instructor to check your technique before bad habits worsen.

If you struggle to find PAWS that grip well on surfaces near you, try the all terrain LESU PAWS or the SILENT SPIKE PAWS from Leki which have tiny metal tips embedded in the rubber.

Leki Nordic walking pole strap

A ‘shark’ style Nordic walking strap by Leki


Most good Nordic Walking pole manufacturers provide replacement straps. After a while these do get worn and sometimes the material hardens up which can lead to blisters. They are washable (something we definitely advise if you are out Nordic walking during Coronavirus lockdown) and you can prevent sweat damage by using special NORDIC WALKING GLOVES  which are padded in the right places. You can also get GLOVES that attach directly to your poles but with any replacement straps make sure you check how they attach to your poles before placing an order

If they have a tiny loop which attaches to the poles at the top, they are likely to be for LEKI poles which have specific SHARK handles.

If they have a plastic clip, they are known as trigger release and could be from most makes as this is the more common NORDIC WALKING STRAP attachment mechanism.

There are a few other strap types and many cheaper poles do not provide the option of removing or replacing the straps. Our retail experts can help you get the right straps for your poles. Call them on 0333 1234 540 with the make and model of your poles.


Many good pole brands also provide replaceable Carbide Nordic Walking Pole tips. Although these rarely wear through, they do sometimes get caught in drain covers etc.


There are other accessories for your poles too so check out our range of specialist paws, speed tips, camera attachment clips, pole lights and more HERE

Nordic walking poles - brush cleaning kit by Leki

Nordic walking poles cleaning kit


There are two main kinds of pole adjustment twist lock and speed lock – the former does sometimes require you to adjust the fixing inside (see this video from the retail team) whilst the latter requires you to check the side nut on the fixing clip regularly in order to stop it becoming too loose. However, you can replace these speed lock clips if they do come loose see HERE

Finally, if like Trigger you take a bit of time to maintain your poles, they will last longer and do you proud. Check out the nifty little pole cleaning kit by Leki  HERE

Our store is open for business so get your orders in now before the post Lockdown rush!

Delivery may take slightly longer than usual but our warehouse is in operation and as only one team member is on duty, we are adhering to all social distancing rules.

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