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We thought we would share another amazing testimonial in order to inspire people to not only go for a daily walk in these difficult times but to explore Nordic Walking as soon as you can by joining one of our groups like Watford Nordic Walking who shared this story with us.

NORDIC WALKING changes LIVES! This is not only about fantastic weight loss of 8.5 stones but also reversing pre-diabetic status and high blood pressure.

Here is Heidi’s story:

Heidi before her lifestyle change

I began my weight loss journey in July 2018. I was very heavy – I have never been thin. Always the fat kid throughout school, university and beyond. I had a health scare and I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my right knee and it shocked me into having to accept I can’t be fat anymore. I simply cannot be this big, unfit and have arthritis. So I had to do something about it. I was also pre-diabetic and I had hypertension. I joined a slimming group. I was so big that I could not have exercised properly until I had lost around 6 stone. So all I did was walk. Normal ordinary walking. I started after losing about two stone. I started walking along a bus route from home so that if necessary I could jump on the bus and go home. Having lost about 5 stone I spoke to my friend Catherine who had started exercising a few years earlier and had built her fitness level up over time. She did Nordic Walking and running. Catherine said she thought I would enjoy Nordic Walking and invited me to join her group – Nordic Walking Watford – for a taster. That is when I met Tracy. I did the longer 5-mile walk that day and loved it. I was hooked immediately. I did the training course with Tracy and then started slowly building up my fitness with a walk at weekends, going from a shorter Sunday Nordic walk to doing the longer Saturday walks and then doing the S’MILES walk which is even longer. I now am doing three or four walks per week including a workout walk, as well as walking more in my life on a daily basis – I ensure I walk around 5 miles per day. Nordic walking has complimented my weight loss program. It tones me and has helped me lose inches all over my body. Weight loss is a combination of healthy eating and exercise. So far I have gone down 6 clothes sizes, I am no longer pre-diabetic and I now have a naturally healthy lower blood pressure. Nordic walking has allowed me to establish fitness.

Heidi now over 8 stone lighter and full of energy

Nordic walking is in my life to stay. I have tried the gym and I felt like a hamster on a wheel and I found it didn’t do much for me compared with how hard you work. Nordic walking has helped me tone and shape. I could literally feel the fat on my back disappearing as we walked. My gym is outside in nature. I out walk everyone I walk with outside of our NW group, even though I only have a 27 inside leg !!! My fitness levels are so much higher than they were. I am happier. I sleep better. I have more attention and honestly, because of Nordic walking, I feel braver and happier to take on a challenge. I have made some amazing friends and met people who inspire me to keep going and push myself. In around 18 months I have lost 8.5 stones. And I walk wherever and whenever I can. I don’t take the bus or a car unless I have to!!

Tracy the Instructor says “Heidi is a true inspiration and her transformation has been so AMAZING to witness She won our MOST IMPROVED NORDIC WALKER OF THE YEAR at the end of 2019 and recently completed “THE NWW DOUBLE” – a fast-paced 4 miler followed by a mid-paced 3 miler.





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