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The Nordic walking UK FREEDOM passport was set up in 2013 as a replacement for a ‘competence card’ that was issued by NWUK Instructors in order to ensure somebody who arrived on a walk knew how to get the most out of their poles safely!

Several years on the FREEDOM passport is not simply a sign that the holder has completed a Nordic walking induction session but a signpost to a world of Nordic walks as well! Added to that it is the gateway to a host of other benefits too.

In simple terms, there are thousands of walks every week on our portal that are designed specifically for Nordic walkers and it would be intimidating to turn up without some kind of induction and an understanding of basic pole techniques. To avoid that scenario, we make sure that access to Nordic walks (or WALX) is not possible without a FREEDOM passport which will soon be automated to make it super simple

So whether you complete a learn to Nordic walk course or the NEW Power of Poles induction with a fully qualified Instructor, you will be issued with a FREEDOM Passport. Following that, you can browse and book Nordic walks all over the UK with participating groups (either under Nordic walking UK or WALX)

During the induction session, the Instructor will ensure you have the right poles, adjusted to the right height and also tailor the technique both to your fitness level and ultimate goals. They will also outline our unique ‘gears’ and make sure you understand how to make sure the sessions you choose in the future are at the right level for you.

Note – you do not need a FREEDOM passport to join us on any other type of WALX


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