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Our new Pole walking induction has been trialled to great effect and both our NWUK and WALX teams are going through the training to be able to deliver it. the POWER of POLES Induction is totally unique in that it explores the use of both strapless and Nordic walking poles to aid the user gain the best technique and results!

Taught over 2 sessions of 1.5 hours duration, the course starts with the strapless moulded handle fitness walking poles devised by our partners Urban Poling in Canada. This enables the walker to gain greater core engagement and master the upper elements that provide propulsion, support and increased exercise benefits.

Once they have mastered these essential basics they get to explore the traditional Nordic walking straps and movements. “We are confident that after the first session people have the ability to join our WALX and gain the whole body effect of the strapless poles” says Martin Christie of WALX “so we will be issuing FREEDOM passports to those who feel this is the right level for them” This means they can enjoy Nordic WALX with any WALX group across the UK and also with our partners Nordic Walking UK

Those who want to master the Nordic walking straps and explore technique further can enrol in part two of Power of the Poles and gain maximum propulsion.

Martin adds ” We are finding that the learning experience is more relaxed and rewarding because people don’t struggle to master the moves and can literally feel the power of the poles straight away. The common technique mistakes we used to encounter are much rarer now so we can concentrate on providing people with the skills they need to get the results they want”

The strapless poles like the Activator and Urban 300 are also ideal for those who have issues with grip or need more stability due to medical conditions so the WALX Team use them extensively for wellness WALX. However, don’t be fooled into thinking they present an ‘easier’ action….the fact is, they actually engage the core more and have a bigger impact on the upper body so are also great for total body WALX (as well as less faff with taking straps on and off between drills!)

The courses will soon be available on both the WALX and Nordic Walking UK websites so if you want to gain the Power of the Poles (POP) why not POP your postcode into our search finder – we promise it will be 90 minutes well spent!

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