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Lets face it there have been some seriously hot days this Summer and the search for comfortable but FLATTERING shorts that would keep you cool when walking has been a challenge

That’s where our chums at FLANCI come in

The SKORT comprises of a comfortable pair of cycling style shorts with our unique contours fabric design which is covered by a flattering floaty little skirt which skims the hips.

What we love about FLANCI is that they not only design stunning farbics which reflect the WALX brand but they listen to us and produce clothing that works for real walkers.



What’s even better is that if you visit their website  and enter the magic WALX code (see below) you will save money too

Don’t forget they also do leggings and capris and have some other funky WALX patterns including our famous footprint logos which Bessie the WALX dog is clearly very fond of!


Check out the full WALX range on the FLANCI Activewear website and enter code WALX10 to get a discount

Oh and big thanks you to Sam at WALX Derwent and Dales who provided the legs for the header picture – don’t you just love how her GRUBS shoes match as well? – what great partners we have at WALX!




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