Stepping out with Caution – Poles apart!

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At NWUK we will be stepping back out with caution in the coming months to make sure that people can enjoy safe, effective outdoor exercise with our professional Instructors. To help keep everybody safe we have added some questions to our on line medical screening, provided advice on route planning, hygiene and travel to our Instructors and will adhere to all Government guidelines on group size in the coming months. So, although they can only provide one to one practical classes and on-line support at this stage, we trust our Instructors to make the right decisions for them and their specific groups in the future. So, when you feel ready to join us, we will be there for you and we will be POLES APART (at least 2 poles apart in fact as you will see below!)

If you have any questions about the measures we have in place please contact – If you are a NW regular and want to find out what your local group are planning please contact them directly. To get started with us in the future search here to find a local group. We are dedicated to keeping you safe and active.

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