Steps to help the planet!

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We are committing to taking even more GREEN steps in 2021

Here’s how…….

  • Digital Membership cards – We know our members love their plastic Membership cards but we and several of our Partners are trying to avoid single use plastic and so we are moving towards digital cards which are displayed on your phone (with the option to download or print at home)
  • Printing – We only work with responsible printers who are Members of Premier Paper’s Carbon Capture programme so that the CO2 emissions generated from the production and delivery of each tonne of paper they use is equated into a donation made to The Woodland Trust. With these donations thousands of new trees across their accredited woodland sites are planted in the UK each year.
  • Store deliveries – We train our Instructors to set up our unique SHOP N DROP deliveries which mean all items for that local group are sent in ONE BOX and only involve ONE VAN!
  • Training – We deliver more training courses, support sessions and Modules on line where possible to avoid our Tutor team clocking up unnecessary miles.
  • Electric vans – Our WALX regional Franchisees use electric vans to cover their region supporting Instructors, providing retail stock plus introducing walking initiatives into councils, companies, schools and care homes
  • Packaging – Our dedicated warehouse team re use or re cycle all packaging and we ask our suppliers to minimise using any materials that are non recyclable.

Wild garlic in the woods

We harness the power of nature in order to make exercise fun, affordable and sustainable so we know how important it is to help look after it!


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