The power of happiness in the poles

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Firstly ………..I have Parkinson’s disease so my strength and well-being challenges me every day .

I was a virtual recluse on lock down – Parkinson’s being one of the categorised illnesses on the Gov vulnerable list, that had to isolate, that might as well of been Hibernate because I didn’t go out for months

May 2021 I was struggling, overweight, troubled pain with my legs – all confidences I used to have were gone. In the wink of an eye!

Staying in was the new going out!   Doing nothing was the new to do!

A friend told me about Nordic Walking, and arranged for me to meet my NWUK leader, Jenny Hanford (pictured with me here)

We met at a sports field and the first thing my leader did was size me up with the correct height walking poles,

I was taught the basic technique of how to use the poles correctly in line with my stride etc

We kept the terrain easy, walking around a football field and the Buzz I got in actually accomplishing a new super exercise discipline was amazing.

Stretching out after every walk leaves you comfortable and feeling so good inside and fabulous outside too!

My second lesson one to one with my leader incorporated a hill up and down I conquered it in stages, stopping to catch breath to complete the challenge –and stretches done –  Again I was so happy.

Now I walk weekly with my group and leader, its great – I stride out for an hour walk – keeping fit along side my walking buddies  without stopping and happiness infuses my well-being  !

I love Nordic walking; but I  admit my group is a well-being group  – but  we are  mighty achievers

I feel power,  I feel pride, my catch phrase is ‘No Five Alive’ (its from a movie called short circuit)!

I’m so happy when walking –  I’ve lost 10kgs  – Nordic Walking is helping keep my weight off  –   its found my mojo and oozes happiness in my smiles

Nordic walking is Great!    It brings the out doors – right  to your Door’ it gets you out ready to explore

don’t delay do it today!


By Sharon Blight (walker)

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