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We thought we would share this testimonial which absolutely demonstrates how life changing joining a NWUK group can be!

“I have a condition called EGPA plus resultant nerve damage/problems and two years ago I spent six months using a wheelchair when I was outside the house.  I did improve to the point of being able to walk with a stick, but I walked quite slowly and couldn’t imagine ever being able to put on some walking boots and tramp across the fields as I once did.  I also put on quite a bit of weight as I was no longer commuting to Birmingham with all the rushing about that that entailed.

A physiotherapist at the Well Centre suggested that I try Nordic walking with South Warwickshire Nordic Walking (now WALX with Emma) and I took to it like a duck to water.  It has helped enormously with my walking and I have indeed managed to tramp across the fields as I used to do!

There are quite a lot of classes to choose from (starting on some days at 6 am and carrying on until 7 pm!) and the class I do on a Monday is designed for people like me with balance and walking problems (I know that there is also a class for people with Parkinson’s disease).  Our tutor, Emma White, is the most amazing force and one of the most positive people I have met in my life – I would pay the money just to see her every week, never mind do the exercise.  We are also joined by Emma’s golden retriever Cosmo, and I can honestly say that it does the mind and spirit as much good as it does the body.

Evidently at the moment it is difficult to get out walking and all groups have been cancelled – instead Emma has been taking exercise classes on Zoom two or three times a day.  It’s wonderful to see Emma and everyone else and we even get fleeting glimpses of Cosmo the dog!”


Nordic walking group in warwickshire

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