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If you want to be more active, meet like-minded people or simply just love exploring your local area on foot, you have just taken the first step by reading this BLOG!

We often get asked – What is WALX? so we thought we would answer this and a lot of other questions too

WALX is a Nationwide walking club that focuses of fitness, wellness and fun – in short, we make walking work for you and provide a wide range of activities that will fit with into your lifestyle.

We have four WALX categories depending on whether you want to use walking for fitness, fun or relaxation all of which are lead by qualified and lovely people. One things for sure, we aim to give you plenty of smilage!

How to get started…….

Step two is simple – browse the range of sessions HERE and choose one that’s right for you – you can book into any of our OPEN WALX and simply pay as you go (or use your offer code if you are lucky to have one!)

Come and meet the team, find out what its all about then you can choose to SAVE on future WALX by selecting our simple payment options. If you prefer to have a chat about the type of WALX we have and getting the right level for you – give us a call at any time and we will send a link to a suitable session in your area.

Because we know that life can get in the way we offer 3 simple ways to pay from a simple play and play to a simple top up account that will save you 20% on all activities with your local group and Nationwide.

Finally the monthly payment package provides unlimited local WALX plus one free activity a month with every other WALX group in the UK!

Put simply, we are like a massive health club but in the great outdoors. We know how to make a walk into a workout and how to help you to get the most out of safe sociable exercise. All of our sessions are COVID secure, affordable and above all…..enjoyable!

Just in case you still have some more questions – we have popped some FAQs below

Why do I need to register and answer health questions before i can join a  session?

Our professional teams need to make sure that our Members are able to enjoy WALX at the right level for them – who wants to feel left out at the back or that they are not getting the results or enjoyment they want from their precious leisure time? Health screening help us make sure we get the level right and keep everybody motivated and safe.

What types of WALX are ideal if I have concerns about my health and fitness?

Our wellness WALX are a mix of gentle walking, stretching, mobility and more so they would be ideal but we do also have some shorter Explorers WALX that might suit – we always make it clear if they are particularly steep or at a faster pace.

What should I look for if I want my WALX to be a workout that get real results FAST?

You sound like a Total Body WALXER! We know how to make every step a workout by bringing in the upper body and upping the CV elements. Total body WALX include drills and exercises that will build strength, tone the whole body and help you burn those calories too!

I just love walking – what benefit will I get from joining a WALX group?

We pre walk and plan everything so you know everything you need to know before you step outside your door. The route will be interesting, the leader will know where they are going and you will know beforehand how long you will be out, how to find the start and even how much parking might cost. Add to that, the fact that the pace will be just right, the group lovely and there will always be a good helping of SMILAGE our unique ingredient!

Come and join us – you will never take a step back if you do!

WALX HQ 0333 1234 540

To contact your local group – pop in your postcode and search for groups





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